OOS House by Sanahuja & Partners

A modern house that is situated in Moraira, Spain.

This modern residence is situated in Moraira, Designed by Sanahuja & Partners, Spain in 2014.





Description by Sanahuja & Partners

It is a detached house highly influenced by the peculiarities of the plot where it is inserted. This plot has a deep and diagonally slope that requires to place the entrance in the lowest point of the road and set the house levels from the top to bottom, contrary to usual.

The emphatic horizontal volume of the bedroom’s block is deposited at an intermediate level in the middle of the plot forming a superior platform with the access and parking place. Under that volume it is laid out a great terracing platform which houses the main part of the program, making it possible to have the entire day-using area at the same level, including terraces and pool. From this level the rest of the plot continues going down but controlled with different terraces made of dry stone walls, very characteristic in the Alicante rural environ.

The palette of materials used is minimized searching simplify architectural language to fully enhance the concept, but without sacrificing the functionality and suitability of the selected. Inside the concrete becomes the protagonist, as you can find it in the retaining walls been seen left or the microconcrete finish used with the same color on the pavement or in precast concrete steps of the stairs. Externally, the white rendering characterizes the new volumes, in contrast to the dry stone masonry in the terraces which are ordering the plot.

Photography courtesy of Sanahuja & Partners