Dream and Cozy Cottage Farmhouse by Jenna Sue Design

Take a look at this beautiful and cozy cottage farmhouse renovation!

Today, We are sharing with you a Dream and Cozy Cottage Farmhouse for your inspiration.

This 1970’s home has complete renovations, into a dream and cozy cottage farmhouse n by Jenna Sue Design Co., and located in the California foothills.

Jenna is a designer and she has done a wonderful job with the elements, furnishings and all of the decorations.

The next photos we will be showing you are Cozy Cottage Farmhouse by Jenna Sue Design.

Check out this amazing house below and find inspiration for your houseENJOY!

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Entry Door

Entry Door 2, Cottage, Jenna Sue Design

Black Color Door

Entry Door 1, Cottage, Jenna Sue Design

Living Area

Living area with fireplace.

Beautiful Fireplace

A fireplace is the focal point of any living room

 A fireplace is the focal point of any living room

Crate Side Table

Living area, Cottage, sofa

This room has a beautiful rug, brick walls and amazing crate side table

Reading Nook

Amazing Fireplace, Cottage, Jenna Sue Design

Also has amazing fireplace covered in brick.

Old crate side table

Old crate side table creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in the living room.

Cozy cottage living area, Jenna Sue Design

Cozy cottage, Reading Nook, Jenna Sue Design

Reading nook, dream cottage

There is a reading nook in the living area.

Living area, dream cottage, Jenna Sue Design

Accent table, dream cottageAccent table, dream cottage, Walls

Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Accent TableA stylish accent table.


Kitchen shelving, Jenna Sue Design

Kitchen has a beautiful shelf.Beautiful kitchen, Jenna Sue Design

What a beautiful kitchen!Breakfast nook, Jenna Sue Design

Breakfast nook for family.Cozy cottage, Breakfast nook Dream Kitchen, Jenna Sue Design

Kitchen island , cozy cottage

This beautiful kitchen has a really stylish kitchen island.


Bedroom with amazing view, Cozy cottage

This farmhouse has an amazing dream bedroom with view.Bedroom, Dream cottage, Jenna Sue Design

White wardrobe looks beautiful in the bedroom.Bedroom, Tv, Cozy cottage

Dark grey walls and wood cabinet. Amazing!Dream bedroom, beautiful cottage, Jenna Sue Design


Dream Bathroom, Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Amazing Bath, Cozy Cottage Farmhouse

Just one word. AMAZING!Bathroom, Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Beautiful Bathroom, Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Dream Bath, Cozy Cottage Farmhouse

Working Space

Working space, cozy cottage Bookshelves, Working space, Dream Cottage


Shelving system, Working space, Cozy cottage Working area , Cozy cottage Amazing working space, dream cottage


Amazing Mudroom, Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Beautiful Mudroom, Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Beautiful walls, Mudroom, Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Mudroom entry, Cozy Cottage Farmhouse

Cinema Room

Cinema Room, cozy cottage, Jenna Sue Design

Reading Nook

Reading nook, Dream Cottage


Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Terrace Amazing Terrace, Cozy Cottage, Jenna Sue Design

Photos:  Jenna Sue Design Co.