Top 10+ Amazing Things To Recycle Your Old CDs, #3 Is Unbelievable.

Old CDs. With the easiness of downloading movies and songs, we no longer need buy CDs. Now, we’re not sure what to do with them. There are so many amazing ways to recyle your old CDs without spending much time. Here are some of amazing things to do with CDs(DVDs) and find more than 20+ DIY Ideas How To Recycle Your Old CDs.

Look at this amazing collection and try to make genius and beautiful ideas with your CDs.

We hope you find our gallery awesome. You can find tutorials for some of them on the linked sources. ENJOY!

1. DIY Wall Art From Old CDs

Source: Instructables

DIY Wall Art From Old CDs

Very cool idea and what a stylish craft, right?

2.  DIY Mosaic Tile Birdbath Using Recycled DVDs

DIY Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled DVDs

Source: meandmydiy

3. DIY Teen Room CD Hanging

DIY Teen Room CD HangingSource: Creativemeinspiredyou

4. Recycled CD coasters

Recycled CD coasters, Do It Yourself

Source: craftsbyamanda

5. DIY: Mosaic Ornaments from CDs DIY Mosaic Ornaments from CDs

Source: cremedelacraft

6. Old CD Earring Stand

CD Spindle Earring Stand

Source: Instructables

7. DIY Funky Ceiling Lamp CoverDIY Funky Ceiling Lamp Cover

Source: designboom

8. Upcycled Clock with Old CDsUpcycled Clock with Old CDs

Source: PingPongDesign

9. DIY Funny Ball with Old CDs

DIY Funny Ball with Old CDs

Source: wikihow

10. DIY Rainbow Suncatcher With Old CDs

DIY Rainbow Suncatcher With Old CDs

Source: mylifeinthenuthouse

11. How to Microwave a CD

How to Microwave a CD

Source: wikihow.

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