Beams Chair by Eric Chang and Johnny Hu

Take a look at this beautiful and modern chair!

Taiwanese designers Eric Chang and Johnny Hu of Berlin-based E & J Design Studio design the Beams Chair in collaboration with Tischlerei Bächer.


From the designers, “The H-Beam structure is derived and used as a main design element in the Beams Chair, which shows the beauty of such construction. The main frame of the Chair is composed of two kinds of thin wood panel:multiplex and plywood. The two wood panels are combined together in such a way so as to offer directional perpendicular wooden structures and to create the H-Beam structure in the Chair. By such inventive arrangement of the wood panel, the specific H-beam structure is built up and an extraordinary stability of the Chair is ensured.

The frame of the chair is constructed by bending plywood and multiplex. The flexible aircraft plywood covers the frame as the surfaces of the seat and back. Such design saves the molding cost of production and reduces the weight of the Chair.”

beams-chair-2 beams-chair-3 beams-chair-4 beams-chair-5

Image Courtesy: E & J Design Studio