23+ Creative DIY Privacy Fence Design Ideas

Discover best DIY fence ideas and creative fence designs!

Fence design ideas for privacy. Fences can make or break your curb appeal and home aesthetic. They are no longer only to secure your backyard and mark borders, they are now popularly used as the edging to frame your backyard, the spotlight to your landscape design or as the focal point of your front yard.

This is the collection of 23+ creative DIY backyard fence design ideas that may inspire you to add some creativity when installing fencing for garden and get you thinking about what kind of fence you want in your backyard. In this post, we’re featuring some of the best examples of various fence styles, including wooden, brick, stones, horizontal and metal fences.

Look at this do it yourself fencing ideas for garden collection, save your favorite ideas to your inspiration board and try to make some interesting and decorative privacy fence for your backyard!

1. Painted Metal Fence

You can paint your metals in beautiful colors.

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DIY painted metalic flowers fence

2. Wooden Crates

You can use wood crates with beautiful colors to make your farm house fence. Add open storage to your backyard with wooden crates installed along with a wooden fence or outside wall.

DIY colorful crates on fence, DIY Fence ideas, DIY Fence Projects


3. Colorful Fence

You can paint your fences using colorful paints.

Colorful Creative DIY Fence ideas, DIY Fence Projects


4. Piano Key Fence

You can use your existing fence or build new simple wood panel fence, this piano fence idea will be amazing for your garden. The best thing about building a piano key fence design is that it needs little effort and suits for any type of backyard. You just need to paint your entire fence white and next paint smaller black wood panels after every second white panel.
Fun DIY Fence ideas, DIY Fence Projects


5. Colorful Low Fence

You can make this short fence for garden landscape.

DIY Fence ideas, DIY Fence Projects and decoration ideas for garden landscape


6. Bicycle Fence

You can use your old bicycles to make an unusual fence.

DIY Fence ideas, DIY Fence bicycle


7. Colorful Pencils Fence

You can make colorful pencil fence using a simple affordable wooden fence and beautify a backyard or classroom with it. You just need to shave down the tips until they look like pencil points. You can paint each of them in colorful colors to make your fence designs look amazing.
DIY Fence ideas, Fun Pencil Fence, DIY Fence projects


8. Quick Snow Ski Fence

Fence made from old snow ski. You can make this privacy fencing in your backyard.

DIY snow ski fence design and ideas


Fence Design Ideas, Snow Ski Fence

9. Garden Pallet Wooden Fences

Turning the pallet into a beautiful fence is such a great idea! You can make this cheap privacy fence out of pallets and paint it!

DIY Pallet Outdoor Fence Ideas and projects


10. Repurposing Shutters Salvaged Grace

You can make this privacy fence using old shutters.

DIY repurposing shutters salvaged grace fence design projects and cool diy ideas


11. Beautiful White Fence

DIY Fence designs and ideas outdoor diy fences


12. Birch branches rustic fence

Rusted steel and birch branches fence mix to create an uncommon screen between the children play area and the family entertainment area.
DIY Birch branches fence


13. Stone fence

You can make a beautiful fence using stones.

Stone fence projects and designs


14. Wood and marble small fence design

Love the marble fence? The way the angles change the sparkle of the marbles is really nice! You just need for this simple and low cost DIY outdoor fence design is wooden fences and lots of marbles that let the light sunshine through them.

Wood and marble fence design ideas


15. Old door wooden fence

You can easily make this unusual privacy fence using old doors.

Old door fence DIY fence ideas and designs


16. Long brick wall with a lattice planter fence

If you are walking between spaces in this backyard, it can be very attractive because the owners have chosen to break up a long brick wall with a beautiful lattice planter fence. You can also make this long brick wall with a lattice planter fence design.
Long brick wall with a lattice planter DIY fence design projects and ideas


17. Horizontal wooden fences

The horizontal fence designs have become the picket fence of the modern era. Horizontal fences can make the property appear longer and bigger and can also offer the benefit of increased privacy compared to other kinds of fence designs.
DIY Horizontal wood fence design and diy fence ideas and projects

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18. Another unique old shutters fence design

Old shutters fence design diy fence ideas


19. Wood back yard fence with lighting

Add security and charm to your backyard with this easy-to-install LED fence lighting design.
DIY Fence ideas, DIY Wood fence with lighting

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20. Metal fence

DIY Metal fence ideas


21. Shutter Fence

Repurposed shutter fence for yard. You can easily build and paint it.

Shutter Fence DIY Ideas


22. Aquarium Fence

DIY fence ideas, Aquarium Fence


23. Stone Fence

DIY Stone Fence design and diy fence projects

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24. DIY Outdoor Gate Fence Design

You can build an outdoor gate using fences.

Fence Design Ideas, DIY Outdoor Gate Fence


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