Wood Interior Design: Beach Avenue by Schulberg Demkiw Architects

Take a look at this modern Australian dream house.

Beach Avenue is a beautiful house located in Elwood, Victoria, Australia.
Schulberg Demkiw Architects completed this dream house. This house has 2,800 square feet area.

The layout is mostly one open space containing the living area and kitchen connecting to the backyard.

The next photos we will be showing you are 2016 Beach Avenue by Schulberg Demkiw Architects.

Check out this beautiful house below and find inspiration for your houseENJOY!

Living Space

Living space, 2016 Beach Avenue

Stylish living room, 2016 Beach Avenue

Everybody spend a lot of time in their living room, so this type of living room should be bright, stylish and beautiful choice. And this comfy couch looks amazing!
Living space, Staircases, 2016 Beach Avenue

This house has lots of charm and beautiful living space. Living Space, Staircases, Windows, 2016 Beach Avenue Open plan living space, 2016 Beach Avenue

Dining space, 2016 Beach Avenue

This stylish wooden table and chairs have beautiful design.Staircases, 2016 Beach Avenue

Dream Kitchen
Dream Kitchen, 2016 Beach Avenue

And this bright kitchen looks wonderful. Kitchen cabinets were made from wood and they have marble and stainless steel surface. Also has wooden floor and large glass windows.
Open plan kitchen, 2016 Beach Avenue Amazing Kitchen, 2016 Beach Avenue

Bright Bedroom

Amazing Bedroom, 2016 Beach Avenue

A glass wall separates the bedroom from the bathroom in this dream house.

Wood Floor Bathroom

Dream Bathroom, Wood Floor Bathroom, 2016 Beach Avenue

Wooden floor and gray walls. Great combination, right?


2016 Beach Avenue by Schulberg Demkiw Architects, Outdoor 2016 Beach Avenue by Schulberg Demkiw Architects, Backyard

2016 Beach Avenue House Plan

2016-Beach-Avenue-House Plan 2016-Beach-Avenue-House Plan 2 2016-Beach-Avenue-House Plan 3 2016-Beach-Avenue-House Plan 4 2016-Beach-Avenue-House Plan 5