16 Creative Bookshelf Designs

Check out these modern and beautiful bookshelf designs!

In this collection, you’ll see lots of quality ideas that you can use to create your own built-in bookcase designs for your home library.

1.Shelves Around Windows18


2.Colorful Bookshelfcreative bookshelf (3) creative bookshelf (1) creative bookshelf (2)

Designer: Bjørn Jørund Blikstad

3.Industrial Corner ShelfPlumbing-2


4.Bookshelf Staircasecreative bookshelves (2) creative bookshelves (1)

Designer: Levitate Architects

5.K Workstationcreative bookshelves (2) creative bookshelves (1)

Designer: MisoSoupDesign

6.Lettercastcreative bookshelves (2) creative bookshelves (1)

Designer: Pieter de Leeuw

7.Four Degrees Bookshelfbookshelves (2) bookshelves (1)


8.Bookseatcreative bookshelves (2) creative bookshelves (1)

Designer: fishbol

9.Check Bookshelfcreative-bookshelves-5-1

Designer: Jongho Park

10.Teacup Shelvescreative bookshelves (1) creative bookshelves (2)

Designer: Scott Blackwell

11.Minimalistic Bookshelvesbookshelves (1) bookshelves (2)

Designer: Victor Vasilev

12.Kulma Bookshelfbookshelf (2) bookshelf (1)

Designer: Martina Carpelan

13.Equilibrium Bookcasebookshelves (2) bookshelves (3) bookshelves (1)

Designer: Alejandro Gomez

14.Wha Cabinetbookshelf (1) bookshelf (2)

Designer: Tembolat Gugkaev

15.Dream Bookshelfbookshelves (1) bookshelves (2)

Designer: Dripta Roy

16.Modular Shelving Unit: ‘Vjunok/Bindweed’ Series

bookshelf (3) bookshelf (1) bookshelf (2)

Designer: Maria Yasko