Industrial Contemporary Kitchen by Snadeiro

The new LOFT kitchen project completed by Snadeiro. Snadeiro puts a modern spin on a old look. Also there are industrial designs involves the use of metal and wood in the kitchen.


Amazing Industrial Kitchen Design

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 It has a sophisticated aura with a beautiful kitchen countertops.

Industrial Kitchen Decor

It is functional. There are tons of  shelves and lots of places.

Beautiful Industrial Kitchen Design

The kitchen uses a lot of designs completely designed by Snadeiro Dream Industrial Kitchen Decor

The new LOFT Kitchen sure is stunning!

Dream Industrial Kitchen Design

Black, Gray and White! Simply amazing!Dream Industrial Kitchen

This beautiful kitchen also has clever design for small spaces. Dream Modern and Industrial Kitchen Design

Metal, wood and glass are mixed in different ways, resulting in a beautiful design that stands out with its original charm.  Beautiful Modern and Industrial Kitchen

Gray, Black and Yellow are a fantastic color combination.

Contemporary and Indsutrial Kitchen

The gas hob that sits flush to the work surface. It looks quite luxurious.Contemporary Industrial Kitchen Ideas

This lovely kitchen has lots of space.



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